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Yoga is also known as the art of youth. Wisdom yoga provides the opportunity to master this age-old remedy of the art of living. In case you are in search of Best Yoga Classes in Rishikesh, Wisdom yoga would be the perfectly suited destination for Yoga in Rishikesh. You can just learn yoga and practice all by yourself, or after mastering this art of living, you could preach and help spread this noble art amongst people. Wisdom yoga teaches various features of yoga as well as meditation, from a very basic level to advanced level. There are special practice sessions and classes as well to help in your personal practice and teaching skills.

If we talk about the yoga gurus at Wisdom yoga best yoga classes in Rishikesh, then they are the ones having years of experience in the field of yoga. The professionalism they have in the yoga field is unique. Students who take admission in the Wisdom Yoga always end up their journey by gaining ample amount of knowledge about yoga. There is each and every basic detail being taught about yoga which helps students in becoming a perfect yoga master. When students get subjected to the daily routine of the proper practice of yoga, they can see the positive changes in their lifestyle. When a person becomes habitual of the routine taught at Wisdom Yoga, it becomes easy for them to find the internal peace of body, mind, and soul. 


The schedule which is followed in Wisdom Yoga includes neat and clean accommodation and healthy meals throughout the stay on the campus. Manadvancedy fun activities are also conducted from time to time so as to maintain the interest of the students. As Rishikesh is the place which is located in the lap of nature, therefore, students are taken out for entertainment in the free time. This also adds a great exposure to the life of students.


Therefore, if planning to learn yoga from basic to advanced level, then join Wisdom Yoga and add a wonderful experience into your life. 

Sumit Sharma
Rishikesh, India
Dr. Sumit is expert in the field of Physical Therapy and posture imbalance and sedentary life disorders.

He did his Masters of Physical Therapy in Musculoskeletal Disorders in Orthopedic Branch and diploma in Sports Medicine from West Bengal. He is also a certified Pilate’s trainer from Indian Academy of Fitness Training Mangalore. His simple and contemporary style of delivering deep and practical knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology endear him to his students. He has taught few hundred students from more than 35 countries and he mainly focus on the therapeutic aspects of yoga.

How the different postural imbalance or spinal disorders can be corrected. Since childhood he is leaving around the himlayas in Bali. He has a good knowledge of Ayurveda and good hands on pain relief techniques and also conducted different workshops on yoga functional anatomy, massage therapy, soft tissue release, myofascial release and pain relief techniques. He is a lead teacher in academy of manual medicine.

At present He is working as a Head of Department at Nirmal Ashram Hospital Bali and Chief Physiotherapist at Shiva Cricket Academy Bali. He did his Certificate in Manual Therapy from Capri Institute New Delhi under the guidance of Dr. Deepak Kumar the only Accredited Mulligan Therapy Teacher in INDIA.

He has tremendous experience orthopedics surgeries rehabilitation program. He dealt more than 500 cases of orthopedic disorders and postural disorders


We at Wisdom Yoga provide various services to the nature of the clients. Wish how you would like devote the time here  we can talk and come to a conclusion.

100 Hrs Yoga Course

(Certified Wisdom Yoga)

Duration 12 days

200 Hrs Yoga TTC

(Certified Yoga Allaince USA)

Duration: 21 Days

Yoga Retreat

(Certified Wisdom Yoga)

Duration: 6 Days

Certified with Yoga Alliance USA

"Happy Customers"

"My  expectations on yoga were very different from what I have learned with Swami Tilak Ji and Swami Prakash Ji and Today I feel blessed to having to encounter these two beautiful souls in Rishikesh. What I learned in this Period have changed my life forever and i will leave my life to expand my knowledge to the world "

Caio C Baganha


Course Prices

100 HRS YOGA Course

(Certified Wisdom Yoga)

  • Pranayam/ Mantra chanting

  • Hathayoga

  • Ashtanga vinyasa

  • Yoga alignment and adjustment

  • Anatomy and Philosphy

  • Meditation/ Yog/ Nidra

  • Yogic cleansing


(certified Wisdom Yoga)

  • Nada kriya practice

  • Chakra chanting practice

  • Chanting Effects on Body organs

  • Nada Philosophy

  • Breathing Exercise

  • Organs cleansing by Nada


(Certified Yoga Alliance USA)

  • Pranayam/ Mantra chanting

  • Hathayoga

  • Ashtanga vinyasa

  • Yoga alignment and adjustment

  • Anatomy and Philosphy

  • Meditation/ Yog/ Nidra

  • Yogic cleansing


(Certified Wisdom Yoga)

  • Hatha Yoga

  • Yogic meals & Tea

  • Asanas, Pranayamas, Shatkarma

  • Accommodation

  • Philosophy & Physiology

  • Massage

  • Teaching methodology

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